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Using of materials from this site without a reference to source is prohibited! Usually, it takes working days to prepare your order for shipment excluding days off and holidays. Without going into details, the installation of the microprocessor ignition system will provide the injector advantages to your carburetor.

And also: outlet for tachometer, built-in stroboscope for ignition adjustment, control of idle cut off valve, power valve control, switching of performance on the run using button switching between 4 settings , reassignable inputs-outputs, lambda probe connection for engine operation analyses and etc. All main parameters of microprocessor ignition system SECU-3 could be adjusted on the run using laptop.

Most often microprocessor ignition system is installed in classic cars; it is easy enough to install microprocessor ignition system in Tavria. But this is far from being a full list. They install microprocessor ignition system in foreign brand cars either because of high price of distributor or when standard ignition system fails, which is difficult to find or its value exceeds the value of SECU-3 in many times.

What about technical support? We provide the technical support on forum. What about warranty?

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The warranty is valid on conditions that there is no intervention into the electrical circuit of unit and that there are no electrical damages. Is it possible to return the unit? If you are not satisfied with operation of the microprocessor ignition system you can return it during 2 weeks.

Do you test units before sale? Yes, we do.

Answers for F.A.Q. about the microprocessor ignition system SECU-3.

All units of microprocessor ignition system SECU-3T without exception are tested on test board and programmed with the last firmware release. You receive units, which are completely tested and ready for adjustment for concrete engine. Microprocessor ignition system SECU-3 unit itself goes in complement, besides there is a mate with contacts for soldering, connection manual and packing.

The synchronization mode from the distributor Hall sensor is available.

Монтажная пена вместо пакли

To get more exact formation of ignition advance angle it is recommended to use a pulley for synchronization. The system supports pulleys with teeth quantity from 16 to The most widespread pulley is 60 teeth and 2 of them are missing.

This pulley should be placed on the crankshaft and in front of its teeth the CKP sensor should be fastened. Usually they take the pulley from injector version of this engine or produce it themselves. How is delivery carried out? The delivery is carried out in Ukraine by Ukrposhta, Novaposhta or by other private carrier according to arrangement. Is it necessary to program microprocessor ignition system unit? You may need to program the unit if you want to use new functions, which have appeared in new release.

The programming is carried out by manager. More detailed information is given in answers below or in manager manual. What is release? Release — is stable and tested version of program. In our case — of unit firmware and manager program. Where can I download the release? The connection with unit breaks on some manager tabs after programming. What should I do?

How can I program the unit for the firmware with other functional? The window for choosing file will appear.

Do not disconnect power supply, do not close manager and do not go to other tabs during programming! How to update firmware for more recent? Download the latest firmware and manager from the page The last tested firmware and manager.

In some cases update from very old firmware it is necessary to carry out the procedure of EEPROM reset after programming. Hereby all settings will reset to on default. Is it possible to edit the curves without having connected to unit? Yes, it is possible.

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This files format contains characteristics set of ignition advance angle and tables of attenuator, CTS, choke opening and accumulation time. How to carry out consumption calibration correctly?

As a rule this means 90kPa and 30kPa. How to connect coils and igniters correctly? This is very important question, because in case of incorrect connection the problems with ignition operation may appear because of high noises created by high currents and voltages on igniters outputs and ignition coils.

The wires should have the appropriate cross section. I would like to ask, if the idle cut off valve needed to install this system? To install this system the idle cut off valve is not obligatory; the system can operate even without it. What sensors are better to use for installation of this system? The sensors and components list for microprocessor ignition system SECU-3 is available on the page Sensors and components.

Will USB operate with Bluetooth unit connected? Yes, it will operate, but not simultaneously. If USB cable is connected you should break the wireless connection and vice-versa, if you connect via Bluetooth — disconnect USB cable. What should be installed for automatic choke operation? Install Wine in any suitable way for you for instance, using Ubuntu Software Center, from terminal, from sources and etc. Then adjust needed COM port.

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To view the list of available COM ports, type in terminal:. Answers and advices for those, who assembles microprocessor ignition system SECU themselves And other questions. A: Revision B is newer than revision A. Differences of revB U4 in comparison with revA:.

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  • Q: Several variants of printed circuit boards for unassisted production are available on site, which one should I choose? A: Choose the one, which you are able to produce and assemble by yourself. Possibly, alternative printed circuit boards will have lower functionality, but they could be simpler to produce.

    What cross coupling should I assemble? A: Problems occurred in earlier scheme on two optical couplers. In last variant of original scheme was applied optical isolation on three optical couplers, in this case no problems occur. A: This is slot for initial controller programming.

    That is controller soldered firstly, and then programmed, but not vice-versa. Simple adapter, which is connected to parallel PC port, is used as programmer.

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    The simplest adaptor will consist of five wires, more complex adaptors contain buffer chip. One of adaptor variants is available in this archive. Read more here and here. A: To program the unit means to record the program into flash memory of microcontroller. This program, being once recorded, can program itself besides its main functions. This function is carried out by so called boot loader, which size is equal to bytes and which is located at the end of flash memory.

    But to use the boot loader abilities you need once to record it there.

    That is why:. Service mode: After device assembly it needs to be configured once and programmed via service slot, which is marked on the scheme as ISP Adapter. It is recommended to carry out both operations by means of AVReAl. At this moment the service mode can be considered as finished and all following program changes could be done in user mode. If manager reports during the start about the impossibility of COM port opening, then you need to adjust the correct port number in manager or look for troubles in operating system.

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  • To convert firmware from hexadecimal format to binary, you need to use utility hex2bin. The reverse converse will be not needed. SECU-3 recognizes files both in hexadecimal and binary formats. This mode should be used only in case if the main program is corrupted, if it still operates, all these operations could be done in usual mode, of course, only when engine is not operating.

    Q: Where can I find the last versions of firmware and manager? A: Firmware in hexadecimal format here , to convert it to binary format use utility hextobin. Manager is available here.

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    Q: Where can I find tested versions of firmware and manager? Q: What speed of СОМ port should be chosen in manager settings? A: Both speed values could be set less or equal to bauds.

    Q: How to carry out the ADC calibration correctly?

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  • As a rule, you need to change only factor, unlikely you will need the compensation.